❝To be a sportsman is the realization of a dream. To be a sportsman means doing what you love, what you like. To play football is the realization of a dream. A captain must be an upright person, a person who respects everyone. The secret to success is work. Without work, one achieves nothing. Happiness is to have health, to have a beautiful family and also to have true friends around me. I thank God for everything.❞

Happy 30th birthday, Thiago!

"Arena SBT" launches a campaign to help kids with cancer with David Luiz, who donates a curl of his hair.


FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS 12 | 50 - “Listen. Free your mind and KNOW what you must do!



Brazil to face Czechoslovakia in the 1962 World Cup final:

Djalmar Santos, Zito, Gilmar, Zozimo, Nilton Santos, Mauro; Garrincha, Didi, Vava, Amarildo, Zagallo 


I left my wounds raw and empty
I let you fill them

Award for strangest reaction to champagne goes to Kim Taeyeon.

You don’t have to apologize anymore.

"You laugh, without seeing a thing. Loneliness wraps around, widening infinitely. I can’t move. I was changed. In this lonely trap that someone arranged. Before our future melts away. Remember me. While it’s so vivid. Don’t forget me. Paralyzed by how I’ve changed. Tell me…

Is there someone inside me?”

"Whoa that little guy’s getting pretty good at flying falls! 
Free! ep. 12 » Australian scenery

Haikyuu!! 30 day Challenge - Your Favorite Character - Kageyama Tobio